Eric Podnar – vocals / guitar

Brett Hamilton – bass / vocals

Jeremy Cull – drums


It’s been a wild ride for Los Angeles-based indie rock trio Falling Still – one that is culminating in the release of their new self-titled EP due out early 2013. The record boasts six anthems that are as gritty as they are catchy. The group thrives on extremes, and they’re locked and loaded on Falling Still.

The band’s origins trace back to middle school in Akron, OH where guitarist Eric Podnar, bassist Brett Hamilton and drummer Jeremy Cull initially met and began playing music together. The boys eventually moved cross-country to Los Angeles to introduce their unique brand of rock to the West Coast. It wasn’t long before Falling Still began writing and gigging furiously around town.

Producer and engineer Michael Parnin (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Rage Against The Machine) helmed the EP at Blacksound Studio in Pasadena, CA, and also turned the knobs on the band’s debut album, May All Magic Guide and Change You in 2009 and 2010′s Don’t Kick The Whiskey. Falling Still builds on the energy of the band’s previous releases with its raw and raucous rock energy and sees them firing on all cylinders like never before.

“With the EP, we feel like we’ve finally created the music we always wanted to make,” says Podnar. “The record really paints a clear picture of what we can do with our sound. It’s loud and exhilarating and it immediately grabs your attention and refuses to let it go.”

That comes across clear on the first single, “If U Stay” – with its bluesy guitar chug that gives way to an undeniable refrain as the band echoes Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal with their own fervent swagger.

“‘If U Stay’ is a heavy song that lyrically touches on some pretty dark shit,” says Hamilton. “I often feel that coming to LA at such a young age kind of ripped the innocence out of us. Despite the harsh truths and rough edges around us though, we’re always sure to put a light at the end of every tunnel.”

Elsewhere, tracks “Stupid Girl,” “Wolves” and “Laid To Waste” illuminate the band’s chops and upbeat unpredictability while “Hollywood Forever” and “Thin Lizzy” offer electrifyingly sexy, bold odes. Live, the feeling practically blows through their amps.

“In the end, it’s about turning up the distortion and putting on a great rock show,” says Podnar. “That’s what all of our favorite bands did, and it’s what we do every night.”

“Entertainers are supposed to help you have fun and escape the every day pressures,” adds Cull. “Our goal is to do just that. And more! “